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Why other people's husband/wife never disappoints?

Updated: Apr 4

Why is a good husband/wife always someone else's? The counselor said that many people would wonder if the next one would be better and happier if they replaced the annoying person in front of them. I am afraid that the reality will be counterproductive. Seeing escorts in Tokyo and friends posting that the other half takes care of the children or does any considerate things, the comment area will almost always see this sentence, "Other people's husbands/wifes are always Will not disappoint".

Messages that seem to be self-deprecating, in fact, often appear in marriage counseling rooms. Couples counselor and psychologist Joshua Coleman (Joshua Coleman) often hears men and women who come to counseling compare their partner relationship with friends or colleagues. Comparing is harmful. They always say that their partner is the worse one. "Why does my friend's husband get along so well with his father-in-law and mother-in-law, like a family. But my husband accompanied me back to my mother's house, just like I put a gun in his back"?

"Why can his husband take care of the child by himself, and let his wife go out to have afternoon tea with friends. As soon as I go out, I receive a message asking, 'Is it okay to leave the child alone?'"?

"My colleague's wife always irons the shirts to look like new, but mine are crumpled." After the comparison, what Tokyo escort heard most often was a series of hypothetical sentences beginning with "if", would he be happier if the other half was not him. If the other half is more interesting and humorous, life will not be so boring. The thinking behind all the questions is, am I missing something? Is my love only like this?

69% of partner problems will never be resolved.

Comparing love is inevitable. But over-idealizing other people's partnerships is actually ignoring that any relationship has burdens, dissatisfaction, and times when you don't like seeing each other.

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