Age: 24

Education: Master in Yale University

Height: 167 cm

Bust:  35 ins

Waist: 24 ins

Weight:  50 Kg 


Ethnicity: Japanese/ English



A cute smile from Tokyo escort Miwa that seems to make you to fall in love occasionally with the atmosphere of this porn star Miwa who dress in a stylish fashion. Miwa is a pretty Japanese porn star♪ Her previous job is a high fashion model, she is the girl who seems charismatic to attract men who are beloved by everyone. You can imagine easily that Miwa has a cute smile It is a very nice expression with a wide open mind.

Her unique relaxing healing are attractive every gentlemen who will steadily step up the adult's stairs step by step. Miwa is full of charm attracting gentlemen perfectly, please check with your eyes whether this comment is true story or not. 

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