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Join VIP Super Models?


You want to add some spice in your life at the same time as increasing your income, you have a taste for adventure and you are very open-minded, your professional and private life leaves you with a certain amount of freedom and you are readily available, you are a very beautiful woman at least 18 years old, you have a perfect figure matched only by your vivre and a good education, you speak English and preferably another language, you enjoy using your charms and falling for someone nice...


So a part-time activity as an escort is perhaps something for you. Why not try your luck with the international VIP Super Models Tokyo Escorts agency?


To do this, may we invite you to complete your section of our casting form and send it to us, with no commitment on your side, but without forgetting to attach some recent photos. The more exactly you fill out the form plus several photos, the better your chances that we take a serious look at your casting application.


What are our main selection criteria?

  • From 18 to 29 years old

  • You have actually modeling experience with the online portfolio (Most important!!)

  • You are a celebrity beauty and could being search online. (Second important!!)

  • You are a porn star.

  • Height of 168 cm minimum and a slender body

  • A perfect natural figure with no serious blemishes

  • Good education, open-minded

  • Excellent general cultural level and good study level

  • "Savoir vivre", sociable and sense of communication

  • Pleasing personality, adventurous, playful

  • Charm, sex appeal, girlfriend attitude

  • Readily available with prior notice

  • Stable, unproblematic personal situation

  • Acceptable financial situation

  • You speak English fluently

  • Other major languages are an asset



Under which circumstances we do not proceed?

  • You are under any form of duress

  • You are under trusteeship or legal guardianship

  • You have no other means of earning your living

  • You are dependent on alcohol or drugs

  • You sole interest is the money

  • You wish to work with several different agencies

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