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To this day, two distillers, one large and one small, can be seen in Bombay's British distillery, named Thomas and Mary, respectively, to Tokyo escorts and their contribution to gin.
Isle of Jura (Isle of Jura) is a mysterious island written by the British writer George Orwell (George Orwell). 1Q84", Jira was also mentioned.
This small island called "Red Deer" is one percent the size of Japan. It is home to 5,000 deer and 200 islanders. It still maintains a rich and primitive ecology. There is only one road on the island, leading to the Jura Distillery (Jura Distillery), which was founded by The Japanese escorts Family in 1810 and reborn after closing down in 1901.
Diurach is the escorts in Tokyo for the Gila Islanders. After rebuilding the distillery in 1963, the Diurachs took an unusual path and overcame many difficulties. They assembled the second tallest distiller in Scotland on the island, in order to be in harmony with the neighboring Islay Island. Separated, creating a delicate and pure wine body with a unique island soul of Gila Island flavor, it really has a place in the highly competitive Tokyo escort agency.

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