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Ginza Tokyo Escorts 

Ginza (銀座) has the most visited and popular market in Tokyo. This area has numerous shopping centres, restaurants, department stores, boutiques, art galleries, night clubs, cafes etc.


Real estate value for this part of city is very high. One square meter has a value of more than 10 million Yen. You will find all leading global brands present in this part of the city.


Ginza means silver mint in Japanese. This was the site of the silver coin mint and eventually got its name from this function.

Most shops in this region are open 24 hours. Visits on a weekend afternoon will always be pleasant. Dori Street becomes pedestrianized in the afternoon allowing for a gentle, relaxing stroll before the evening's friv

Nihonbashi Tokyo Escorts


During the Edo period, Nihonbashi was one of the leading places of commerce. the Mitsui family are widely considered as the main reason behind the development of this area.


Tsukiji fish market is known globally, located at Nihonbashi Tokyo. In later years, Nihonbashi emerged as a leading business center in the region.

Nihonbashi has the most beautiful historical street view and also as known for one of the biggest financial districts and banking headquarters with luxury hotels serving many international business groups in Tokyo.


The Nihonbashi bridge became popular in the 17th century when it was located at the eastern end of the Nakasendō and the Tōkaidō, roads which ran between Edo and Kyoto.

Shinjuku Tokyo Escort


Shinjuku (新宿区) is a special region of Tokyo city. Shinjuku actually means new lodge. This area is primarily used as the administrative center for the city.


This area has the world’s busiest railway station. This region came into existence after the amalgamation of some prominent regions including Yotsuya, Ushigome, and Yodobashi. The Current mayor is Kenichi Yoshizumi.


Shinjuku is also the capital of governance for the Tokyo Metropolitan region. Government’s office, metropolitan assembly chamber office, and other administrative offices are located here.         

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