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What to eat in Tokyo and Osaka? By tokyo escorts

Updated: May 3

Celebrity Chef Bourdain's Private Restaurant

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has his favour

rite restaurants in Tokyo, which are worth a try.


"Walking down the stairs next to the subway entrance, in the basement of an unassuming office building, you can never guess it. This is Sukiyanashi Jiro, who has three Michelin stars. Many people think that the most delicious sushi in the world is here. here."

"Jiro Ono is constantly striving to make perfect sushi. What is the difference between ordinary sushi and perfect sushi? Including ingredients, techniques, timing and other aspects. Every perfect sushi is made at the most appropriate timing, temperature and cooking stage, and that requires a certain level of respect from the customer. In short, the customer eats the right way. I ate a 15-course, three-star set menu in twenty minutes—the most I’ve ever had in my life The most delicious sushi ever. There are some prohibitions in the restaurant, that is: no utensils other than your fingers; absolutely no soy sauce or extra wasabi. Sushi is served in the chef's style, you have to use this Eat it in form."

ぎんざ Kotobuki

"There is also a ぎんざ寿し庆 in Tokyo. This is an orthodox sushi restaurant with a history of 130 years. After this long and long time, the form may be a little different, but the store's day basically starts like this: Remove fish scales and viscera, and prepare kitchen related matters. Young Takayama (operator of New York Japanese restaurant Masa Takayama Masashi) was here as an apprentice of sushi chef Sugiyama Todo. Now Kotobuki is in charge of his son Sugiyama Mamoru The management, designer standards and family traditions have been passed down to the fourth generation.”

In "escorts in Tokyo," Tony dined on "mackerel with shallots and ginger and drizzled with homemade soy sauce; bluefin tuna, the traditional bluefin tuna marinated in soy sauce, and tamagoyaki." Plus a lot of shrimp eggs."

robot restaurant

For that kind of entertainment, Robot Restaurant puts on twice a night an almost epileptic fit of multimedia dance, music, puppetry and general freak shows. Although the content of the performance was entirely to attract the attention of tourists, it was still well received by Tony.

Among the garish Kabukicho in Shinjuku, Robot Restaurant is probably the brightest and loudest spot. "Japanese men and some women come here to have fun and show a different side when they want to release their repressed selves. Get ready for one of the greatest shows in the history of entertainment - I've seen rock guitar god Jimi Hendrix, Singer Janis Joplin and rock chameleon David Bowie on the "Diamond Dogs Tour"; I saw José Quintero directing and "Moon for the Misbegotten" by Colleen Dewhurst and Jason Robards. But it's literally the best show I've ever seen in my life, You can get what you want, simply the greatest show in the history of entertainment."

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