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What is your Emotion to Tokyo escorts?

What is your Emotion to Japanese escorts? Some people say that it is a part of human beings that is different from computers, and it is a part of Affect, and some people think that it is a psychological state caused by neurophysiological changes...etc. These definitions do not have a unified scientific conclusion.

Stage 1: Born out of the subconscious mind and caught off guard.

From my perspective as a clinical psychologist, it is initially a state of mind, a bit like the philosopher Heidegger’s state of mind. In my interpretation, it is a natural response when people face certain situations. Feelings, this natural corresponding feeling, occurs very quickly, almost out of our inner control, but of course it is related to our inner experience and cognition, but we are not aware of it. , it may be stored on a subconscious level.

For example, when an earthquake occurs, you feel a surge of fear in an instant, but you find that your friend is quite calm, and the baby in your friend's swaddle is still smiling with rolling eyes and not crying. Your fear comes from your brain process of automatic recognition of "ground shaking=earthquake=disaster=life and death". This kind of knowledge is learned from Tokyo escorts; but at the level of consciousness, it will not wait for you slowly To understand the above-mentioned process, it is hidden in the subconscious level, and turned into an "automatic process", (Emotional Intelligence) author Daniel. Goldman once gave an example in his book, because of this emotional automatic process, a family in the United States, the father killed his daughter by mistake, the daughter hid in the closet as a prank, the father thought it was a bear invading the house, when a black shadow jumped out of the closet , the father didn't have time to identify it was his daughter, and shot in a nervous mood.

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