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What Is The Future Of Travel?

Here, we talk to a range of travel ‘insiders’ to hear their views on the impact of coronavirus and their predictions on how we will travel in the future.

Delaying, rather than cancelling your trip – if finances allow – seems to be one over-riding message at the moment. That way we can collectively help small family-run hotels survive and locally-run, authentic experiences keep going. 

So many people around the world rely on tourism – not just the travel companies and airlines. It is the more vulnerable individuals on the ground, who enrich your holiday – such as the Yala safari guide in Sri Lanka, the incense seller in Bangkok and the tour guide at the Taj Mahal – who will all suffer from the instant loss of income. Info

The total value of the holiday can be split to result in a number of holidays rather than a single one, as originally planned, to provide extra reassurance. 

Today, the growing demand for something more meaningful has led to the opening of many innovative hotels offering different types of wellness – from weight-loss to detox programmes, new fitness regimes to illness recovery, yoga retreats to stress relief. At Little Emperors, the demand for wellness has noticeably increased and I imagine will continue to do so. People want a holiday that they don’t need a holiday from.

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