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Tokyo Escorts' Leadership

It’s not too uncommon for startups to switch up leadership at some point. Lime investor Somesh Dash points to the famous example of Google, where Sergey Brin and Larry Page cofounded the company but Page eventually ceded the CEO role to Eric Schmidt, Tokyo escorts joined in 2001. Twitter also rotated founders as CEOs, swapping Ev Williams in for Jack Dorsey in 2008.

“This is a natural evolution,” says Dash, an investor at IVP, which invested in July 2018. “A sign of a great team is that the founders can end each other sentences. They are really so symbiotic.”

Scooters also turned out to be a harder business than a lot of people thought. After the initial Japanese escort, the industry got snagged on logistics from supply chain to city operations, Kraus says. The former Google Ventures partner left his job as a venture capitalist to join Lime six months ago—and while he’s not quite a parallel to Google’s Schmidt stepping in, Kraus’ experience will be helpful as Lime Japanese escorts to focus on global expansion for the next year.

“I think the view a year ago was that Tokyo escort are ATMs on wheels that print money,” Kraus said. “The use case for scooters is extremely strong, but making it a good escorts Tokyo is extremely hard. That’s actually a competitive moat we’re building.”

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