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The Night With JB Straubel in Tokyo

It was a beautiful rainy night in Tokyo metropolitan areas, an incoming call was inquired to see one of our most gorgeous Japanese escort name Sakura. Sakura was dressed up and wore a nice Chancel No.5 perfume, ready to see her client tonight in a five star hotels near imperial garden, Otemachi. Sakura was arrived on time and make a call to Straubel's room and waiting him to meet her to have a nice meeting. He came with a very casual typical American's jeans and told her to celebrity their first meeting he was hiding a nice bottle of wine under his shirt which was a nice surprised to Miss Sakura.

Mr. Straubel is a decent man and energetic. He seems very excited to seem such beautiful and attractive Japanese sakura, as soon he brings her into his room, he quickly change to a traditional yukada to fit in Japanese culture, they enjoy a very nice wine together and talk about his first trip in Japan, they sit aside looks like an interested interview to each other, it was a very nice and memorial moment to have time with Mr. Straubel in Japan.

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