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Tea Room Booming In Japan

The art of tea has been perfected over the centuries especially in Japan as well as Japanese escorts. Japan has literally integrated tea into their culture. So why is an American tea room booming in Japan? It seems strange, but this American tea room, Alfred, has found a way to bridge old traditions with new trends in a modern space.

Alfred Tea Room was founded in Los Angeles by Josh Zad as he was in search of a more progressive way to drink tea. Drinking tea has often been a very formal, time-consuming in many cultures. Afternoon tea is at least a two-hour ordeal. But Zad knew that millennials and Gen Zer's didn't need a two-hour experience to enjoy tea.

The popularity of the tea room and its sister coffee shop also came from a genius marketing tool- coffee/tea sleeves. Zad initially started by creating Alfred specific sleeve designs, but later gave the opportunity for brands to customize sleeves to get in front of the prime audience that frequents the tea room.

The tea concept was really novel in that we were creating the blueprint looks like. It didn't really quite exist in the states. There are matcha cafes, high-end tea rooms and boba joints, but there wasn't anything that made everything fresh in house while bringing the whole world of tea together," Said Zad. "Within three to four months of being open, we received interest from Japanese developers and investors.

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