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Is it sexy to twist your waist and swing your hips while walking?

Updated: Mar 3

Wrong gait hurts the knees and hurts the body. 3 common wrong gait problems in life, how many do you have?

The hard structure of the knee joint is used to support the body, which causes the center of gravity of the body to move forward and the pelvis to tilt forward. Walking is less labor-intensive but the knee joint is prone to wear and tear. Escorts Tokyo who have been sitting for a long time or have poor lower limb muscle endurance walk in this way, which affects the spine for a long time and causes chronic low back pain. It looks graceful, but in fact it may be caused by the weakness of the gluteus medius. If the gluteus medius is weak, it will shake more obviously when walking. This is especially easy to happen to people who have been sitting for a long time and have difficulty using the gluteus muscles to exert their strength.

Many elderly people and modern people often drag their feet on the ground, walk very slowly, and often walk forward in short steps, and the distance of their steps is too short, which consumes more energy and effort when walking. In addition to the lack of muscle strength itself, it may also be that the hips are not strong enough.

When walking, imagine that there is a line on the top of the head that pulls the escorts up slightly, the back should not be curled up or pushed forward excessively, the lower abdomen should be slightly retracted, and the shoulder blades should be naturally retracted. The natural swing of the arm maintains balance and stability. If the elderly reduce their arm swing, the risk of falls will increase. The feet are in the shape of an 11, and the thighs and buttocks exert force when moving forward, and pay attention to the knees not being completely straight.

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