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On The Brink And Back: Does Asian Doll House Need A Coworking Space Like JustCo?

Kong Wan Sing has bounced back from a brush with entrepreneurial oblivion. Early last year, he walked away from a merger he needed to keep his Singapore-based coworking space operator, JustCo, from being gobbled up by the likes of giant rival WeWork.

Growing office spaces demand has been already filled up the busy Tokyo escorts business. The deal would have combined JustCo, Southeast Asia’s largest operator, with WeWork’s closest rival in China, Shanghai-based Naked Hub, creating a combined entity valued at roughly $600 million. But as the two companies were conducting their due diligence, Kong started to see cracks forming in the relationship with more info.

Rather than try to paper over the differences, Kong rejected the advice of shareholders and made the fateful decision to go it alone. “It was painful to kill the merger because I had no clue how to grow the business anymore,” says the Malaysia-born Kong, 42. “If I don’t merge to get bigger, I get consolidated or I get killed off.”

But JustCo wasn’t killed off. On the contrary, the company Kong founded in 2011 is on track to triple its regional footprint by the end of the year, to more than 140,000 square meters of office space in eight cities in Australia, Greater China and Southeast Asia. And Kong is busy raising $500 million in new funding, a deal he expects to close by year-end that will bring the total raised to more than $700 million. For reservation, visit

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