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Lavish Style Japanese Escorts in Tokyo

Updated: Mar 3

Love makes people soar to the sky, walk in the clouds lightly and happily, and see the gods in the sky in the clouds, and they are also foolish and confused because of love.

Seeing our Tokyo escort, the sun god, crazily pursuing Daphne, the daughter of the river god, in a chase in the woods, she was frightened and cried out loudly, and her father, the river god, instantly turned her into a laurel tree. Apollo was so remorseful that he could only pick up the fallen leaves, weave them into a laurel wreath and put it on his head, as if he was with her forever.

And the beautiful and elegant water nymph Clayty is looking forward to the arrival of Apollo, the sun god, day and night. She never moves for nine days and nine nights, until the soles of her feet take root and become a flower, a sunflower that can only rotate with the sun!

The moon god Diana wanted to remain chaste and unmarried all her life, but she fell in love with Orion, the son of the sea god who also loved hunting. Although she accidentally killed him by mistake, she stayed with him forever in the starry night after he ascended to heaven and became the constellation Orion.

Orpheus, who has beautiful music and can shake the world, is acquainted with his beloved Euridae. Even though she died in Huangquan, she still went down to the underworld without fear of danger, searched for her soul with Pluto, and led her back with music all the way.

However, love can also cause people to slip from the clouds. When there are conflicts, obstacles, and ups and downs in the relationship, it will make people suffer, hesitate, and don’t know what to do. It’s like falling from fairy-like happiness to human affairs. Looking for your love affairs with our best Tokyo escorts today!

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