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Allen Law Prepares For Global Hospitality Expansion

Allen Law is the CEO of the Park Hotel group, and the son of Hong Kong real estate developer Law Kar Po. Under Law’s stewardship, the group has grown to 20 hotels in its portfolio across 11 destinations in Asia Pacific. With a firm foothold in his home market of Hong Kong, Law is aiming to expand overseas with a vision to more than double the number of hotels under his purview by 2023.

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Arif Rachmat Leads By Example To Build A Winning Team

Arif Rachmat is the executive director of Triputra Group, one of Indonesia’s biggest privately held groups. Founded by his father Theodore (Teddy) Permandi Rachmat in 1998, the family business has interests in agriculture, manufacturing, mining and trading. He says his biggest challenge is finding talent that is hungry yet egoless at the same time. To attract the best people, he holds the group to the highest standards of integrity.

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