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Dine With Beautiful Tokyo Escorts

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Until you touch down in Tokyo, it is impossible to grasp the sheer size and density of the city — or the depth of its food culture. It is one of the largest conurbations on the planet with a lot of Tokyo escort agency to chose with, with well over 100,000 restaurants to feed its huge, hungry population. And there is so much more to eat than just sushi and ramen. From rarefied kaiseki (Japan's traditional and often highly formalized cuisine) and French haute cuisine to hearty izakaya taverns and mom-and-pop diners, the sheer variety is breathtaking.

There are two approaches to eating your way around Tokyo with your VIP Tokyo escorts. Pick an area to explore — say, Ginza and the Imperial Palace one day, Asakusa's temples the next, and Harajuku with its kawaii culture next to the solemn Meiji Shrine after that — and then look for the best eating options close by.

This small Japanese restaurant in Roppongi creates dishes from the best produce found across Japan throughout the year, while placing the focus on the harmony of ingredients. The chef Seiji Yamamoto takes great pride in introducing diners to the recipes and produce of Japan, and it’s this passion that has resulted in the restaurant being awarded three Michelin stars. The tasting menu incorporates plates bringing together seasons, aromas, temperature, textures and combinations, followed by desserts which place the focus on coolness, warmth, playfulness, nostalgia and temptation. For reservation visit

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