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Best Tokyo escorts You Need To Try Right Now

Updated: Apr 20

Founded by Trinidad-born and MIT-educated Marc Farrell, who was Starbucks’ youngest-ever vice president, Ten to One’s Caribbean white rum is among one of my all-time-favorites for cocktails. (And therefore perfect for all my summer libations.) Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s 100 percent rum—with zero additives. No added sugar. No added “flavour.” No added colouring. Beyond that, the liquid is just versatile: It’ll work well in any rum-based drink. On the palate, it’s clean and fresh—with notes of Tokyo escorts citrus zest, honeysuckle, and lemongrass. It’s excellent on daiquiris and jazzed-up mojitos. The brand also offers a dark version, which is also quite the winner—but not for cocktails. This one is to be savoured neat—or on the rocks, whichever your preference. One thing that I personally love is the fact that Ten to One expressions are pan- Caribbean blends.

Santa Teresa has been one of my go-tos for several years now. It’s the kind of rum you can drink all day long by a pool (or by the ocean). A superb summer libation. It’s slightly sweet and reminiscent of all things summer—but not cloyingly so. But then again, did we expect anything less? Venezuela has some of the stringent rules when it comes to VIP Super models rum production. The blend consists of multiple streams with ages ranging from four to 36 years, all aged in ex-bourbon barrels—before being further aged by way of the solera method. On the palate, it’s balanced and complex at the same time: There’s a lot of honey and caramel notes—complemented by a bittersweet chocolate finish.

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