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Best Tokyo 3-sum with Naughty Friends

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Used Asian Doll House VIP escort services before for a 3-sum with their naughty friend Nikkiko and Suzuki, so you should have been ready for the dark-eyed, raven-haired, ‘Mediterranean-looking’ beauty that greeted businessmen at the door. However, you will again taken aback by her fabulous eyes and luscious locks, beautiful body, with one of the best backs I’ve cum across, great legs and expressive face – one minute she’s all smiles, the next she’s burning me up with downright raunchy face-pulling.

The Top escort model is an absolute darling. You will ask if you could greet yourself in one of your favourite ‘outfits’ – tiny crop-top that displayed ‘under-boobs’, killer heels, and nothing else, but said no problems if not possible.

Tokyo escort Suzuki had actually gone onto amazing pretty much there-and-then and ordered one. Businessmen will indeed greeted, as requested, by this vision of loveliness, wearing nothing but black, high heeled ‘strappies’, teamed with black, knee-high socks, school-girl-style, and the most ludicrously small crop-top, with ‘under-boobs’ a-go-go !! Clients will have her posing and flaunting herself for you – which Suzuki totally got into – WOW!! And Nikiko is one of the nicest human beings (male, female; escort or otherwise) Businessmen will have the pleasure of meeting; welcoming, friendly and easy to get on with. If you have see her before, we will completely comfortable with each other straight from her warm greeting at the door. And, as before, you will have a lot of fun – she may come over initially as slightly ‘reserved’, but Nikiko and Suzuki soon loosened-up and we ended up having a lot of laughs along the way. Nevertheless, there’s some things she’s definitely not ‘comfortable’ with, and she’ll let you know, which was absolutely fine by gentlemen – Businessmen are there for mutual fun, not to drag a lady out of her comfort zone!

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