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Best Encounter With Miyu S.

Tokyo escorts Miyu S. has been subject of many excellent positive reviews and here is another.

Saw Miyu on her most recent Tokyo tour. Not our first meeting. Aman hotel in Tokyo, Japan. She had amazing body and beautiful angel face. Her attitude and cute accent was great. Our conversation was least over one hour but I still enjoy it and want to understand her more.

Miyu also prepare the sex toys and bondage gear neatly laid out at the ready. We had a lot of fun time, not only her gorgeous charisma but also she understand how to behave like a super model. No wonder Miyu S. is a very popular Tokyo escort among other escort agency in Japan.

What can one say about Miyu S. that is new? She is exactly as she describes herself, good looking, small-to-medium height, slim, delightful small breasts with very prominent nipples. Also intelligent, confident, great company, and gives a very good impression of being the insatiable sex machine you have always dreamed of.

Naughty submissive secretary (yeah, original). We explored the scenario thoroughly. Miyu S. is a committed performer, able to hold the role play all through the session. She will take just about any combo of sucking, spanking and fucking that you fancy plus there are more kinks on offer, and she really does squirt for Japan.

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