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Beautiful Night With Sakura

After a crazy week I was in the mood for some fun.  I had looked on the website and saw that there were some new girls working at the agency.  I texted VIP Super Model escort agency and asked when Sakura was available, I got an immediate reply to say she was free now.  I made a reservation for her to come to my hotel in Tokyo.

She knocked on the door and was immediately greeted by the exact model in the pictures where a very sexy night gown.  I immediately extended her stay for 3 hours.

We chatted some more and I was quickly hard again, as i found her extremely sexy. We chatted some more and it was soon time for me to leave. Her experience is very different from the more playful Ito.

Recently seen escort Sakura under her new profile. Was based in Tokyo station, good comms, does them herself, from what I recall her English was pretty decent. Sakura a pretty model, and has a lot of services, can’t vouch for her oral as I skipped this once I got a look at her arse. It’s pretty much my ideal shape, round, soft, bouncy and ripples really nicely.

Sakura's current offers are great and when in the city she represent more than the best escort services than other models, think I score her for 90. Clients can’t fault anything about her looks and services. Looks like she’s back in Tokyo city mid-week.

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