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Looking at other people's love stories

Updated: Mar 3

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Tokyo escort agency

Looking at other people's love stories is like watching a love episode, a small microcosm of life, whether long or short, simple or complicated. Perhaps it is expressing some doubts in my heart, difficulties and obstacles encountered in love. It may have touched some feelings, which is hard to describe, but it no longer hesitates.

Just as we like to read love stories, we seem to see ourselves, in the circulation of various characters, there are all kinds of joys and sorrows. With the development and changes of the plot, we seem to see the infinite possibilities in life, beyond our limited experience. It's like looking up at the starry sky at night with a beautiful Tokyo escort.

We like to hear other people's stories, but forget that we are also writing our own love. Love depends on inspiration, especially when encountering difficulties or things that have never been experienced before. It is especially worth referring to other people's stories. Therefore, whether it is a love episode of ordinary people or a love legend of a fairy, you can look back and forth like a mirror and learn continuously Try to figure it out and help us write the love story we want.

escort agency in Tokyo
escort agency in Tokyo

In the new life after the epidemic, let us start from the "heart" and establish a real relationship with ourselves, others, and the environment. "Relationship" is the key factor of happiness. 1000 friends on Facebook are less than 1 friend who has real contact. Studies have shown that stopping social media use for a week can significantly improve depression and anxiety, and improve well-being. Don't let technology dominate too much and swallow up the most precious ~~ time.

Think about it, how long have you not been alone with your favourite Tokyo escorts?

How long has it been since you chatted with your family and friends and had a good meal?

How long has it been since you took a deep breath and felt the present, just like the No. 22 soul in the movie "Spirit of the Soul", just immersed in the beauty of nature wholeheartedly?

Face to face, hug the one you love... a seemingly simple touch, a real touch, can stimulate the brain to secrete happy hormones and produce a sense of pleasure.

Let us work together: restore the original unity and balance between body and mind, and let the soul follow;

Unblock the real relationship and temperature between people, and bring hearts closer;

Return to the most natural connection and symbiosis between people and the environment, so that the body, mind, and environment are mutually beneficial and endless.

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