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A Stunning Tokyo Escort - Suzuki

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Suzuki is a wonderful woman who seems to make us mislead the gentlemen's worship of the founder, on one side secretly made her to be regarded as dorking while being an active female porn star. After her graduation, her standing behaviours that have much talented to go on to graduate school are dignified and beautiful, inviting everyone in Battle of Martial Arts to Akikochi and together with the vivid colours that make you feel women of adults. She is going to make it extracurricular lessons that she can never be learned in the master's course. Please be seriously and gentlemanly, please enjoy the moment from her beautiful heart.

Hello, My name is Suzuki ♪

Although I felt the pleasures of massage etc from the past, since there was some blank, uneasy feelings preceded the training before entering the adult industry. However, I was able to finish my study without any problems and I am looking forward to seeing you again from the bottom of my heart. I am wondering if there are places that are not possible due to tension, but I will do my best as I can relax until the last moment, so thank you.

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