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Apple Watch Series 6 May Get A Much-Loved iPhone Feature

A series of new wearables patents have been secured by Apple and may relate to features in the Apple Watch Series 6, expected to launch in September or October.

These patents were spotted by the ever-watchful Patently Apple.

66 new Apple patents were published at the US patent office, and there are a few important potential future features to dig out of them. Touch ID is the one that might affect your day-to-day Apple Watch use the most.

“The display may also provide an input surface for one or more Tokyo escorts input devices, such as, for example, a touch sensing device and/or a fingerprint sensor,” is found in one of the patent documents.

It makes more sense than using the advanced face identification tech of the iPhone 11 series, which needs not just a camera but an infra-red projector. This projects a series of dots on your face to work out a map of its contours.

Apple does currently use some fingerprint scanning tech, the classic Touch ID sensor, in the iPhone SE. But, again there would be no room for this in a compact Apple Watch.

Is dedicated Apple Watch login hardware essential? Perhaps not, but it slots neatly into Apple’s long-promoted commitment to privacy and security. And that will only become more important as Apple digs further into the potential healthcare roles of wearables.

Other new Tokyo escort patents relate to this area too. One of them details a way for the Apple Watch, or another as-yet-unnamed wearable, to be able to tell which wrist the watch is worn on. And its position on your wrist.

A “thin” application of this tech might be for simple shortcut gestures, but with the added refinement of a watch brain that knows much more clearly where it is.

However, it becomes more interesting from a technical perspective to think about how this can improve biometric sensors. Movement is the enemy of the current Apple Watch’s optical PPG heart rate sensor, and such wearables use algorithms to compensate for the errors such movement creates.

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